After the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the formation of the political system, the necessity of an institutional entity for the revival and dissemination of the bright thought of Islam in society was necessary. In this regard, the Supreme Islamic Council was formed in July 1981. The council, established in consultation with the teachers’ community and in cooperation with the Qom Advertising Office, was taken to the first step in organizing and organizing this important issue. After the establishment of the Supreme Islamic Propaganda Council during the 1960s, The organization was always governed by a council. On August 15, 1387, the Supreme Administrative Council approved a statute approved by the organization, which is now a legal document for the organization’s activities. The goals and missions that are defined for this organization include the revival and diffusion of Tabnak thought Islam in all areas needed and strengthening the spirit of divine worship and promoting Islamic morality among the people, especially the younger generation, defending the principles of Islam, the holy system of the Islamic Republic and the ideals of the Islamic Revolution, and recognizing the cultural and propaganda of the aliens and explaining the degeneration and denial of atheistic schools Deviations and combat with ecstasy and throbbing pests by reliance on snapped Islam and the quantitative and qualitative development of popular religious propaganda and encouraging a sense of public responsibility towards Islam and the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In Zanjan province, the Directorate General of Islamic Propaganda has been formed and has been operating in accordance with defined goals. From the indicators that this revolutionary institution has been pursuing in the past, one can mention the organization of religious organizations, schools, dispatches, missionaries, etc. In 1357, along with the first year of the Islamic Revolution, we witnessed the organization of 60 religious organizations in Zanjan province. This number was reached in 578 organizations in 1388, in 952 organizations in 1388, and in the year 1397 to 1,200 organizations. The restoration of Madhayn was another of the measures taken in the province after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, which in 1979 was numbered 60 mods were organized. This organization in 1998 was 663 people, in 1387 it was one thousand and 53 people, and in 1399 it reached 1 449 people. The national and religious occasions are one of the other measures that the institution has done. In 1979, 60 cases were held. The number of national-religious occasions held in the province during the year 1377 amounted to 27,764, in 2009 to 45,738, and in 1397 to 60,444 events. One of the other measures was taken The establishment of leisure centers for the youth has been established in 1979 with 67 bases in different parts of the province. In 1998, the number of free time bases created by the province amounted to 80 bases, in 2009, 118, and in 1397, 148 bases were established in the province. The number of missionaries sent to different parts of the province in 1979 was numbered 60 people-hours, reaching 4,333 people-hours in 1367. In 1998, the number of expatriates in the province amounted to 8,449 people per day, and in 2009, 11,730 people per day it is arrived. In 1397, 75,480 people-hours were sent to different parts of the province. Construction of houses in the world in 1979 was created in 73 houses. In 1397, the number of houses in the world created by the province reached 72, which was 36 times in 2009. The development and development of the cultural complex after the victory of the Islamic Revolution was considered by Islamic propaganda and in 1979 the number 61 construction and development of cultural complex has been implemented in the province. In 1998, there were 6 bobs, 10 bobs in 1387, 11 bobs in 1388, and 12 boutiques of cultural complex in 1397. Studies conducted by religious organizations in the province In 1977, it was 60. The conference reached 442 congresses in 1397, while in 2009 the number of conferences was 334. One of the important measures in the field of promoting religion was the support of the compilations of religion, which in 787 cases done. In 2008, there were 22 cases in 2009, 24 in the year 1389, and 42 in the year 1397 in support of compilations of the domain of religion. Islamic propaganda in Zanjan province has goals and a path for the future, including those objectives. It is possible to build houses of the world in deprived rural areas with more than 200 households, to present and promote the Islamic-Iranian lifestyle and culture-building about reforming consumption patterns and resistance policies, paying special attention to the development and expression of concepts, symbols and identity indicators Islamic – Iranian in the political, economic, social and cultural structures of the country and dispatch of special forces in the fields of propaganda, Qara , Sentences, Appointments, Population Departments of Departments and Workers’ Centers. Rohani’s establishment in less-favored villages with more than 200 households, support for student dissertations in the field of religious culture, strengthening of existing sites for the production of content in cyberspace, holding The conference of the Qur’anic benefactors, the promotion of the culture of helping the publication of the Holy Qur’an and the efforts made to explain the values ​​of the Islamic Revolution and the Holy Defense and the achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran are among the other goals of this field.

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